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> International Competitions

Nobel Prize - GO - official website of the Nobel Foundation.

World Technology Awards
- GO - celebrating innovators advancing technologies for the benefit of business & society - from Nature Magazine.

Art Directors Club Awards
- GO - promoting the highest standards of excellence in visual communications.

ThinkQuest - GO - educational competitions for students - enhancing learning through technology.

Online Journalism Awards
- GO - online excellence awards rewarding top quality journalism.

Crossroads - GO - business awards identifying best new enterprise solutions with proven utility.

WebbieWorld - GO - Internet award pioneers offering a unique & fun award concept.

Intel International Science & Engineering Fair - GO - international pre-college scientific innovation competition with entrants from 38 countries.

Discover - GO - annual Discover Magazine awards for technological innovation.

> Humanitarian & Environmental Service

Oxfam International - GO - working towards a more equitable world.

The Hunger Site - GO - reduce starvation with a click of your mouse.

- GO - fighting global poverty.

EcologyFund.com - GO - push some buttons to preserve the beauty of planet earth.

Amnesty International - GO - working to protect human rights worldwide.

- GO - caring for the world's children.

United Nations Development Program
- GO - advice, advocacy & resources for empowering the poor.

EarthPulse - GO - environment watch initiative by National Geographic showcasing "Heroes for the Planet".

Human Rights Watch
- GO - defending human rights worldwide.

- GO - using video & technology to fight for human rights.

- GO - US Environmental Protection Agency, safeguarding the natural environment.

- GO - help protect the planet by giving your support to Greenpeace.

Sea Shepherd
- GO - "sailing into harms way" to protect our oceans.

UNESCO - GO - United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization


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