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The Top of the Net

The web's full of wonder,
& hip techno funk,
so we surf till we slumber,
sorting jewels from the junk.

All over the Net there's knowledge galore,
every morning we wake with a yearning for more,
each link we click reveals new mystery,
so fatter & fatter gets our cached history.

It's an infinite paradise for minds aware,
problem is . . . there's junk everywhere.
It's all hip & happening . . but much of the same,
cos too many links are dated & lame.

But we'll give it a bash,
to sort treasure from trash,
& we'll surf without rest
. . till we discover "world best".

Our goal is to weave you a top tapestry,
crafted from sites of the best quality.
Thus you can be sure that the surf will stay wet,
at the home of WorldBest - "The Top of the Net".

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Professional Website Evaluators & Quality Specialists

To ensure the standardised application of our sophisticated quality criteria & to provide the highest possible judging standards, this award utilises professional evaluators who have been specifically accredited in our own corporate quality management methodologies.

Website evaluators & reviewers for this award are recruited & trained by Creative Management Consultants (CMC) using CMC's advanced learning technologies.

All website reviewers are required to successfully complete CMC's "Best Practices in Web Mastery" program prior to accreditation as a judge for these awards.

This process enables us to continuously improve our judging procedures & to ensure that this award only uses website evaluators & reviewers with a very refined sense of website excellence.

Learning & Development

"We are on a great journey of discovery to identify the world's best websites. We are excited by the depth of the learning opportunity this provides us. Not only will we gain significant insight into the ingredients of exemplary websites, we will also develop advanced skills in website evaluation & performance appraisal. We see these as valuable skills that will assist us to become the leading website quality specialists".

Rick Doran,
Director, Training & Development,
World Best Website Awards.


Creative Management Consultants


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