Winners Prizes & Trophies


Winners Prizes

Winners of the Level One Award will receive these awards & trophies.

Winners of the Gold Award will also receive a free listing in the World Best index for twelve months.

Winners of the Silver & Bronze Awards will be listed on our winners pages for at least 3 months - where they will receive free promotion & website traffic.

All sites involved in the Level Two award will receive a full website report detailing the sites performance on each variable & containing a check list of suggestions about how to improve the site. Rigorous methodology will ensure a very high standard of well-researched reviews. Checklists of all results & findings on all factors will be provided to websites in the level two competition.

As well, all Level Two award winning sites will command priority placing in the WorldBest Search Index.

Another Level Two prize is a specially designed webpage to celebrate the winners quality & best practice achievements - articulating & promote the "pathways to excellence" that were pursued by the winning site. This "public score card" will provide distillation & analysis of these exemplary principles of excellence - so that others can learn to excel as well.


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