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Surfers Choice
- Site Review
conducted by Wally Gross 6/8/99

Content = 27/30

"World Best Websites is truly an exceptional awards site with what may be the most comprehensive list of criteria I have yet to see in this category. The commitment to quality is evident throughout the site & is specifically reflected in the winning sites".

Presentation & Design = 25/25

Comments: "A clean interface with soothing color selections gives this site a prolific look & feel. Navigation is excellent & the simplicity of the design is impressive. It's never how much, but how well . . . & "World Best Websites" really does it well".

Load Time = 13/15

Comments: "Loads well from home page throughout the site".

"Almost perfect HTML coding is a boon to load time - this site has it".

Graphical Content = 15/15

Comments: "Special attention has been given to the preparation of graphics that are unique & appropriate to the paradigm of the site".

Overall look, feel, personality & paradigm of the site = 15/15

"The site is well themed & is a welcome ambassador to the credibility of the awards sites industry on the Net".

Total Mark = 95

Comments: "World Best Websites is deserving of it's selection as one of the Best Award Sites on the Net".

Wally Gross,
Surfers Choice - Site Reviews.

Chicago Internet Review - GOLD Trophy

for outstanding originality

Chicago Internet Review

"This award recognizes true originality in website design.

In your case, however, the award goes even deeper. Certainly your site design is topnotch. The overall "look and feel" of the site fits the content perfectly, the navigation is easy & very efficient, there are lots of great finishing touches like the flash banners & all of this is done with a highly effective use of bandwidth.

Taken together, this all adds up to a site that has set itself apart from the rest of the pack.

Top of the Web

Now having said that . . . we also want to recognize your commitment to excellence & your even greater commitment to the awards culture.

Your commitment to former is obvious first in your site & also in your highly refined & developed criteria, & it is expressed in the recipients chosen to receive your awards. As for the latter, we recognize the mammoth effort & determination that is necessary to maintain a top-level award program. In a culture that is plagued with fly-by-night awards & awardmasters who do not take their own programs seriously, you are a steady light guiding those of us who take this business seriously.

In a word, we are PROUD to have World Best Website Awards listed among our Gold Winners. Thank you for sharing your efforts with all of us".

Craig Lindberg,
Chicago Internet Review

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