SILVER Award Winners

- Level 1 -


UPDATE: Please note that from Jan. 2001 - Merit, Bronze & Silver awards will no longer be issued. We will only grant the highly coveted GOLD AWARD from 2001 forward. This reflects our increasingly intense focus on the promotion of "best practices" in website design.

Below is a small sampling of past Silver Award winners for historical interest:

**** ScreenTalk - GO -

Depth, breadth & quality of the content in this site make it a winner. It is an invaluable resource for screenwriters everywhere.

**** The Vietnam War - GO -

Top photojournalism combined with an effective site design. Quality snapshot of a tragic event.

ScoutWorld - GO -

ScoutWorld is a tribute to Bellaire's Saxon Scout, one of the finest Labrador Retrievers to ever live. Artistry, style & clever coding.

Jets.dk - GO -

Everything you want to know about Danish f16s & the Royal Danish Airforce. Contains a great photo gallery of danish aircraft, taken by the pilots.

**** iAgora
- GO -

International multi-lingual virtual community for those abroad, quality Webzine articles, community resources & forums, professional site design.

**** INSoft
- GO -

Tools to monitor & optimize your network & application performance including the useful "Net.Medic" browser companion.

**** The Pasquinade - GO -

World's foremost online magazine of satire.

**** Floss.com
- GO -

Bringing the world of dentistry online. Learn about dental procedures, new products, cosmetic dentistry, dental hygiene, emergency procedures, leave a question or visit the children's corner.

**** Three Great Zoos - GO -

Explore three different zoos, search out all the animals & learn about their environments or go on a Zoo Safari at the kids website.

**** Graphically.com
- GO -

Websites with style from this designer. Site is ablaze with beautiful color & contains some good graphics work.

**** Natural Land
- GO -

A well presented website with tons of content devoted to natural & healthy living. Site has many "villages" devoted to health & fitness, nutrition, gardening, cooking, crafts. Also contests, quizzes & news.

**** MagicTricks.com
- GO -

An online magic store with a great collection of magic tricks & special effects for magicians at all levels. Magic guide, magic museum & library.

**** TVW - GO -

Washington State's Public Affairs Network. Great use of technology enables you to watch or listen to the politicians & courts at work, keep up to date with current political issues, House Committees & debates. Also education & other resources.


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