February 17, 2020
bike for car

Bicycles for car

Bicycles for car

After researching a lot about bicycle support for vehicles, consulting with experts, and asking many cyclists, we have found that there is no better bicycle support for every cyclist. The right one for you depends on your budget, vehicle, bike, and personal priorities.

That said, we recommend that you choose the one that best suits your preferences, and opt for the best option, so you can transport your bicycles in your car without spending a lot of money. But we also have opportunities in our online store, options for hitch brackets, roof and vans, which are more comfortable to assemble or designed to provide more protection for the bike and the vehicle.

One of the most acclaimed brands for its quality not only by amateur cyclists but by the professional cycling teams themselves is Thule.

Get the perfect bike rack for your car. With a bicycle carrier for Thule cars, you can ride a bike on roads away from your home, through rough terrain. Thule bicycle stands come in different types and can be mounted on your roof, hitch, tow hook, or in your trunk. If you already have a bike rack on the roof, it is undoubtedly the simplest solution, however, in a log or a rack-mounted hitch, it is often easier to load and unload and fits heavier bicycles.

As a world leader in bicycle racks for cars, Thule knows what it demands.

  • High quality and stylish bike carrier for professional and family cyclists
  • Safe and robust products.
  • Wide variety of products to adapt precisely to your needs

Three basic types of bicycle racks

Bicycle racks that are placed just above your roof rack, those that adhere to the trunk lid with straps and those that are mounted on the hitch. The type of support you need depends on the kind of car you drive, the frequency with which you need to transport your bicycle, and the amount you want to spend.

Belt-style racks are typically the most budget-oriented options, while tray-style shelves that adhere to a car’s hitch are at the other end of the price spectrum. Are you ready to start your adventure? Here are the best hitch bike racks you can buy today.

The 2-unit bike rack fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs, make sure you choose your support correctly. Its patented design installs quickly and will transport your bicycles safely through the city or the countryside. Two side straps provide exceptional lateral stability in your vehicle. A patented mooring system secures and protects your bikes individually.

By bike of 1 unit. It’s great if you’re the only cyclist in your house. It is a robust and compact unit, built to transport a single bicycle in the back of your car. Individual soft cribs protect the bicycle frame, while the protective layer ensures that the structure does not rust after only one year of use. Keep in mind that bicycles without a top frame bar will require an additional cost adapter bar before they are mounted on the frame.

Bicycle carrier of 3 units. The manufacturer of this support ensures that the arms of the support, are the strongest in the market, so users do not have to worry that the frame bends under the weight of three bicycles. It is built entirely with recyclable materials and is guaranteed not to rust. It adapts to many cars equipped with spoilers thanks to its arc-shaped design and is guaranteed for life. It is a premium product, with many basic options, such as the rack it incorporates, but it will make your life easier if you are a frequent cyclist.

Bicycle racks are often seen at the front of buses in some cities. It is a similar, tray-style frame that connects to the hitch of your car. That means you need a hitch that not all vehicles come with it, and you also need to measure its size. It is easy to install, and the support can be tilted and folded when not in use.

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